Roman Road London

Help shape your neighbourhood

The Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum is leading a neighbourhood plan to help improve the high street and the area it serves in Bow. It needs your input to make it representative of the community’s needs. When you leave a comment via Commonplace about how you want to improve the area, you are actively participating in the planning of your neighbourhood.

If you live or work in or around Roman Road in Bow, or if you have close ties to the area, please comment on how to improve the area, for example the following:

  • The Boundary (is this the right Boundary for a Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan)
  • Public realm (pavements, squares, pocket parks, underused spaces)
  • Traffic and congestion (cycling routes, buses, one-way systems)
  • A community building (a multi-use space run by the community for the community)
  • Controls on certain shops (betting, fast food)
  • Refurbishment of the street market (resurfacing, lighting, power)
  • Preservation and celebration of heritage (East End, Wiley, Suffragettes, industry)
  • Security (lighting, policing)
  • Look of the high street (shop fronts, estate agent boards, roller shutters, festive lighting, signage, benches)
  • Art and culture (community events, street art, art installations)
  • Eco intitiaves (green roofs, vegetable planters, pocket parks)
  • Technology (wifi, broadband)

Don’t forget to add what you do like (as well as what you don’t) as this helps the area retain what is most loved by the community.

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